PHP Access Modifiers

What are the PHP Access Modifiers

PHP Access Modifiers allow us to monitor our property’s access or visibility. Such modifications of the connection are public, private, or protected. The property is classified as public when declared using var. The visibility must be set by an access modifier when defining a property.

The following are the PHP keywords used as permission modifiers along with their meaning:

public: as we identify class members as public, they can be accessed from everywhere, including beyond the class reach.
private: The class members can only be obtained from inside the class itself if we identify them as private.
protected: This is the same as private, except that class members specified as protected may still be accessed from their subclass(We’ll talk about subclasses when we hear about heritage).
abstract: This keyword is used mainly for the PHP groups and their member’s functions.
final: No subclass can modify or bypass class methods specified as the original.

PHP Access Modifiers – we have applied three separate access modifications to the three properties in the illustration below. If you want to set the property name it will work fine here (because the property name is public). When you attempt to set the color or weight property, however, this will result in a fatal error (because the color and weight property are protected and private):

PHP Access Modifiers

public Access Modifier

The class definition, as well as the class definition outside of the public access modifier, is available for usage and use. all classes and members are dealt with as public by default if we do not mention any permission modifiers. Unable to use public, privet, or protected access modifiers for class except abstract and final. But we can define the access specifiers for class methods and variables because they are viewed as public by default(we can not define variables as abstract and final).

private Access Modifier

private is only accessible within the class defining it. (It can not be reached in inherited class beyond the class means). For class variables and functions we may use the private access modifier but not for PHP class. If a class element-a variable or a method is considered private otherwise the class object can not be reached directly.

protected Access Modifier

protected keyword is used in a PHP program that uses inheritance of PHP. And, it is used to prevent access from anywhere to PHP classes and its members either from within the class itself or from within its subclasses. With protected keyword, PHP classes and the functions of its leader can not be reached explicitly from outside the classes and their subclasses, with their instance references.

abstract Access Modifier

The PHP class and its functions are used with abstract access modifier. This is not suitable for class variables. Where a class only has one abstract method. The class then also has to be described as abstract. Also, PHP does not allow the abstract class to be instantiated, i.e. you can not construct an abstract class object, although it can inherit such classes.

final Access Modifier

The final keyword for PHP classes and functions should be used but not for class properties or variables. PHP functions are not to be overridden with the final keyword.