PHP Abstract Class


What is the PHP Abstract Class

PHP Abstract Class – PHP5 comes with an object-oriented architecture, some of the object-oriented architecture definitions include: class, object, encapsulation, polymorphism, abstract and final classes, and methods, interfaces, and inheritance, etc.

Abstract classes are the ones where one process at least is abstract. Unlike C++ abstract classes in PHP, the abstract keyword is used to define. The usage of abstract classes is that the abstract methods defined in the parent class will be enforced by all base cases enforcing the class. An abstract class may include both abstract methods and non-abstract methods.

An abstract class is a class with a minimum abstract method. Abstract methods should have names and statements only, and no code at all. Therefore we can’t create objects from abstract classes. Rather, we need to create child classes that add the code to the methods’ bodies and use these child classes to create objects.

PHP Abstract Class

How to define PHP abstract class

We may define a class as abstract by using the abstract keyword to add the class description. The definition is very clear, abstract method containing class is known as abstract class. In the abstract class, abstract methods describe only providing name and arguments and no other language.

It cannot render an entity with an abstract type. Instead, we need to expand child classes that quantify the function description into the abstract methods bodies in the child classes and use these child classes to construct objects.

To declare a class as abstract, the abstract keyword must be prefixed with the class name.

abstract class myClass { }

Inheritance of abstract class

We can also build classes that extend abstract classes like any other class. The only difference here is that for the abstract method defined in the abstract parent class the child class has to have meaning. If the abstract method is not specified by the child class, it should also be specified as an abstract class.