History of C Language


C Programming Language

History of C Language:

C programming language was developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972 at Bell laboratory which is located in the USA. It was developed to overcome the previous language such as BCPL, B, etc. The history of c language is quite interesting it was developed for the Unix operating system.

History of C Language

Why C was Developed ?

UNIX was written in assembly language which, though ideal for machines, but quite difficult for human to interpret and operate UNIX, what that reason B and Fortran were use.

The idea of developing the C language came to minds of its creators. In earlier days programming were written in assembly using assembly language the program becomes very big and perform some specific task. The B language could perform same task in few lines of code it was faster than assembly language. But there were limitations of B language, it was not support some features such as a structure and datatype etc.

Dennis Ritchie developed c programming language by keeping most part of the B language and adding many features produce effective and powerful output.

YearLanguageDeveloped By
1960AlgoInternational Group
1967BCPLMartin Richard
1970BKen Thompson
1972Traditional CDennis Ritchie
1978K & R CKernighan & Dennis Ritchie
1989ANSI CANSI Committee
1990ANSI/ISO CISO Committee
1999C99Standardization Committee