What is the Translator in C Language

A translator is system software that converts one programming language to a machine-level language. Software that provides services to another program is known as system software. Example: – operating system, driver, compiler, assembler interpreter etc… Types of Translator There are generally three types of translators there: compiler, assembler, interpreter. Compiler: is system software that converts … Read more

What is Programming Language

Programming language: a language used to create a program is known as the programming language  Such as machine, assembly, and high-Level programming languages. Program: defined as a series of instructions that are written to accomplish a particular task. Types of Programming Language Machine Level Programming Language: A language that is understood by a machine is … Read more

Basic of C Language

What is C language C Language: A language which is used to develop a program is known as a programming language. Machine level language Assembly language High level programming language Data Types in C Language data type refer storage capacity, range and types of information. primary derived user define Primary data type      Data type … Read more

History of C Language

C Programming Language History of C Language: C programming language was developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972 at Bell laboratory which is located in the USA.┬áIt was developed to overcome the previous language such as BCPL, B, etc. The history of c language is quite interesting it was developed for the Unix operating system. Why … Read more

PHP Super Global Variables

What are the PHP super global variables PHP Super Global Variables – Some predefined variables in PHP are “superglobals,” meaning they are always available, irrespective of the scope so you can access them from any method, class, or file without having to do anything different. They are specially defined PHP array variables which make it … Read more

PHP Abstract Class

What is the PHP Abstract Class PHP Abstract Class – PHP5 comes with an object-oriented architecture, some of the object-oriented architecture definitions include: class, object, encapsulation, polymorphism, abstract and final classes, and methods, interfaces, and inheritance, etc. Abstract classes are the ones where one process at least is abstract. Unlike C++ abstract classes in PHP, … Read more

PHP static methods

What are PHP Static Methods or Static Functions PHP static methods – In certain instances, viewing methods and properties in terms of a class and not an object is really useful. This can be done using the static keyword. Any method declared to be static can be accessed without creating an object. The class is … Read more

PHP Include and Require Files

What is the PHP Include and Require Files PHP Include and Require – Before the server executes this, you can include the content of a PHP file in another PHP file. There are two PHP functions that can be used to get one PHP file included in another PHP file. This is PHP’s strong point … Read more

PHP Access Modifiers

What are the PHP Access Modifiers PHP Access Modifiers allow us to monitor our property’s access or visibility. Such modifications of the connection are public, private, or protected. The property is classified as public when declared using var. The visibility must be set by an access modifier when defining a property. The following are the … Read more

PHP Constructors and Destructors

PHP Constructors PHP Constructors are special member functions for initial settings from a class of newly generated object instances, which in PHP5 is the core part of the object-oriented framework. Builders are the essential building blocks that describe the potential entity and its existence. You may assume that the builders are plans for constructing structures … Read more