Basic of C Language

What is C language

C Language: A language which is used to develop a program is known as a programming language.

  • Machine level language
  • Assembly language
  • High level programming language

Data Types in C Language

data type refer storage capacity, range and types of information.

  • primary
  • derived
  • user define

Primary data type

     Data type which provides by the c library is known as a primary data type. It is also known as a built-in or basic data type. It divided into three categories such as an integer, character, and floating-point type.


     Operator is a special symbol which is used to perform a specific task. Operator tells the compiler to perform arithmetic or logical operations.

Types of operators

  • arithmetic operators
  • assignment operators
  • relational operators
  • logical operators
  • increment and decrement operators
  • conditioner or a ternary operators
  • bitwise operators
  • special operators

Loops in c programming language

     Loop is a statement which execute repeatedly until a condition is satisfied. There are two types of loop such as entry control loop and exit control loop.

     In entry control loop condition check first if condition is satisfied than body of the part will be executed otherwise not. Entry control loop divided into two parts

( while loop and for loop )

     In exit control loop condition check at the end of the loop is known as exit control

( do while loop )

Decision-making statement

     A statement which changes the flow of the program is known as a decision-making statement

  • simple if
  • if-else
  • nested if-else
  • if-else ladder
  • switch case